It's time to get over yourself and step into the beautiful purpose He has for your life and business!

There are three things that I’ve noticed in all success stories. The first is the person recognizes their desire for better. It starts with the awareness that they no longer want to be where they are. The second is that they make the decision to do what it takes to change the situation. The third is that they get into action and do the things necessary to ensure a different outcome.

Now, I will need you to recognize that God is calling you into better. You must DECIDE that things will be different.  I need you to decide that you’re done playing small and getting in your own way.  I need you to step into a place of courage, trust me… and, more importantly, trust Him.

I can’t wait to see what He will do through you when you choose to recognize this desire, decide, and do. Together, we will tackle ways to get the clarity, confidence, and consistent action you need to fulfill your divine purpose.

This book will give you hope and practical tools to help you step into your divine purpose. You will learn ways to gain clarity around where He's leading you, the direction He wants for your business, and how you can attract the people who need you by learning to hear God and trust your own discernment. You'll learn how to overcome limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, a disabling money mindset, and imposter syndrome so that you can confidently show up in your business. To encourage consistent action, you will be equipped with time management and productivity tools to ensure that your work continues to serve all those who need you.

It is possible to live a life by design when you partner with God. Your Father wants to bless you with abundance, impact, and balance. If you're ready to stop getting in the way of creating more impact and income...faster, this is your guide.